Kindergarten Graduation Speech

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The kindergarten graduation speech is usually delivered by a parent or a teacher or sometimes even by a student. Not all schools conduct a kindergarten graduation ceremony. But to those that do have this event, having a kindergarten graduation speech is a common thing. This is a chance for parents to dote on their kids and a chance for teachers to say how proud they are of their young students.

For students who will give the kindergarten graduation speech, their speeches are usually short and of course checked by teachers and their parents. The speech is sometimes read but most of the time, the kids memorize them. That’s why poems are becoming popular as a kindergarten graduation speech. Poems are also great because several students can give the kindergarten graduation speech together. They can memorize just one stanza each, making it easier as some very young children have difficulty memorizing things.

On the other hand, there is nothing more daunting for an adult than to deliver a kindergarten graduation speech. Having to speak not only in front of people, but in front of five or six year olds is a scary experience. Kids are very honest and if they don’t like your speech, they would tell you. Young kids are also known to have a very short attention span so the kindergarten graduation speech should be very brief. The language and level of sentence construction should be easy enough so that even the kids would understand them.
A kindergarten graduation speech should focus on congratulating the kids in completing their first year of class. Also the kindergarten graduation speech should include values that adults want to impart to the kids. Simple values like be respectful or be truthful and listen to the adults are just a few of examples.

The speaker should also remember to add a few jokes for the kids too. This usually makes the kids more attentive to what he is trying to say.
Having a kindergarten graduation ceremony and a kindergarten graduation speech should become a regular event in all schools. A kindergarten graduation ceremony is a celebration especially for the kids as they move on to the next phase of their student life.

And being part of a graduation ceremony would also make the kids feel like they have achieved something, especially when they receive awards given during the ceremony. Making kindergarten as fun as possible would help in planting an impression in the kids that school is a good place.

If you are afraid of panic attacks during your graduation speech then click here.

n.b. For graduation speech templates and sample letters see

If you are afraid of panic attacks during your graduation speech then click here.

n.b. For graduation speech templates and sample letters see


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